This site contains all available documentation for the Liftoff ecommerce system.

Knowledge base

For general and how-to information about Liftoff, this Knowledge Base is where you want to be.

You'll find the sections of this Knowledge Base correspond to the tools in the menu within My Liftoff. The intention is to make the information you need as easy to find as possible; for example, if you need help with Orders, just look to the articles in the Orders category here!


All the tools in each section of My Liftoff (pictured above) correspond to the main areas in this Knowledge Base!

There are a few key exceptions to this organizing structure, and they're the first three sections of the Knowledge Base:

  • The "General Information" area gives you some quick tips on Launchpad (the folks who build Liftoff) as well as some terms and conditions.
  • There's an always-expanding toolbox of "Quick Start Guides" to get you up and running with a new account.
  • The "Administration" area corresponds to the items you'll find by hovering over your name at the top right in My Liftoff.


If you're a developer looking for help with integration via our OData / REST API, head for the API Reference.

More help

If you require support beyond what this knowledge base and API reference can provide, you may create a ticket in our Support Center to get the help you need.

Liftoff for fun and profit

For an introduction to Liftoff, to read our blog, and much more, head for our main site.