Launchpad is eager to ensure that Liftoff is, and always will be, accessible to every person, regardless of ability.


We have undertaken tremendous effort to make sure that no barriers exist for anyone to access and use Liftoff. By maintaining nearly 100% compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG AA 2.0/2.1, we can be confident that Liftoff adheres to the standards of not only the W3C, but of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well.

Compliance snapshot

If you follow the link above to view the WCAG standards in full, you'll see that they're expansive and well beyond the scope of this article. Instead, we provide you here with some highlights of the compliance functionality you'll find in Liftoff, in accordance with W3C's guiding principles that a compliant web software application be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.


  • Site navigation is readable by screen readers.
  • There are visible focus states in every theme for improved keyboard navigability.
  • Wherever possible, all images have alternative text in place for non-sighted users.
  • Form inputs have text labels that are readable by assistive/adaptive technology, regardless of label visibility for sighted users.
  • We do not rely solely on color for indication of an input’s purpose.


  • Site navigation and links are keyboard navigable.
  • Themes allow users to set their own font size via client/browser settings as recommended for low vision users.
  • We avoid time-sensitive interactions for low-motor control users, or provide ample time for interaction in cases in which time sensitivity is required (e.g., password reset link expiry time).


  • Captioning is provided for all video content we produce.
  • We utilize the alert role and polite ARIA attribute for notifications.
  • Form validation and required confirmation of changes occur before taking “risky” actions.
  • An opportunity to roll back certain transactions is provided wherever possible.


  • We attempt to make sure that all site navigation is consistent and logically organized.
  • We always aim for semantic markup according to recommended best practices.
  • Theme settings meet minimum recommended readable sizes for text and contrast levels for foreground/background of text.
  • There are no animations or flashes of color which could potentially trigger seizure disorders such as epilepsy.