Add products


Products may be added on the Products listing, accessible via Products > Products

To add a new product, click the + Add Product button.

Field Option

Is Required?




This defines your product within Liftoff. This can be alphanumeric and contain hyphens, if needed.



You'll notice as you type your code that the SKU will auto-populate. This is simply for convenience. However, you may have a completely different SKU you want to assign; if so, go ahead! This field can contain alphanumerics, hyphens, underscores, ampersands, number signs, and spaces.



This is the way your product is identified by customers.



Any product description you enter will be displayed on the product landing page as well as other areas on your site where the product is referenced.

URL Path


This will be the link to the individual product page. The URL path must be unique. As you type the name of your product, this field will auto-populate. You can keep it as-is or change it to whatever you prefer. Please note that you need only enter the end of the URL. The preceding is auto-defined.



You can select the primary Vendor responsible for fulfillment of this product. If you have multiple vendors or more complex fulfillment needs, you'll want to configure and assign a fulfillment workflow.

Fulfillment Locations


If your vendor has only one fulfillment location, it will be selected by default. If your vendor has multiple fulfillment locations, you'll probably need to configure and assign a fulfillment workflow.



By enabling the option to track inventory for a specific product, you can gain access to inventory control. If you are integrated with your vendor or your own inventory management software, these values will update automatically. If you don't currently use any inventory management software, you can use the Inventory tab for this use. If you enable "Track inventory for this product," you will be prompted to provide some additional options.

  • On-Hand Quantity
    This is a requirement. This is the quantity you have on hand. Please note that you need only enter this once. For managing inventory quantities later, you will use the Inventory area.

  • Par Level
    This is a requirement. This is a minimum quantity that you can define in order to have the system send you an email notification once it is reached. For example, if you wish to be alerted when the inventory of this product reaches 20, you will enter "20" as the value for this field. If you do not wish to receive these alerts, simply set this value to "0".

  • Stock Level Display
    This is optional. You can elect to display the level of stock to customers by checking this box.

  • Out-Of-Stock Orders
    This is optional. The Liftoff platform supports back-ordering. If you allow back-ordering and wish to enable it for this product, check this box

Require Budget


If this product is only available for purchase by a user with a budget or gift card, select this box. A message will display to the user letting them know it is a requirement.

Product Tax Category


If your county or state supports product-specific tax codes, select the appropriate tax code from the drop-down list. The default selection is "00000 Fully Taxed".

After you have entered all data for this product, click the Save & Create button.