Administrative roles

What are roles, and what are they for?

Administrative User Roles control access to "back end" interactions. An example of this might be order approval: Perhaps there is an employee who needs access to approve/modify/deny orders that have been placed, but they don't need access to modify website content or view a list of customers. Or, you may have a developer who needs access to modify website content and design, but doesn’t need to see the customer list or have access to orders. All of this can be achieved by taking advantage of Administrative User Roles.

Administrative User Roles fall into two categories: Subscriber roles and Account roles. Each category has its own set of permissions. Between the two, you'll likely spend most of your time configuring Account roles.

Subscriber role permissions contain options such as adding/modifying/deleting administrative users, managing global topics such as defining and editing Fiscal settings, and access to Liftoff support links. You'll use these settings to allow someone to manage My Liftoff.

Account role permissions contain options such as managing email settings, order management, customer access, and site design features. You'll use these settings to manage how your customers access and use their own accounts.

Please note that Administrative Users can be assigned roles in both Subscriber and Account categories. By default, the system will automatically apply the highest level of permissions you’ve selected in an assigned role.

Add a new role

To add a new Administrative User Role, first navigate to Your Name > Roles > Add Role button. You may also click here to go there directly.


To add a new Administrative User Role, navigate to Your Name > Roles > Add Role button.

  • Select your Role Type. When creating a new Account Role, be sure to select the relevant account from the dropdown.
  • Name your Role. This is how you will identify this Role in the future. Provide a description of this role if needed, then click the Save & Create button.

Once you have filled in the details of your new role, press the Save & Create button

  • Define permissions. Once you have created your role, you must set your role permissions. Click the Edit button and select whatever permissions that role will need.

To edit an existing role, click the Edit button next to the role details. To delete a role, press the Delete button.

  • Note: Any permissions you have not selected will be hidden from view on the My Liftoff navigation menu for any user assigned to that role. Users will only be able to view and interact with what you have allowed for them.

Edit an existing role

Roles can be edited at any time by simply clicking the Edit button next to the role details on the role listing screen.

Delete a role

An Administrative User Role may only be deleted if there are no users assigned to it. If your Delete button is greyed out, this is an indication that one or more users are assigned to that role. You must first dissociate all users from the role before deleting it.