Administrative users

Administrative users are defined as any person (internal or external) who requires access to My Liftoff. Prior to adding any new administrative users, you should define roles. When creating a new administrative user, you'll be required to assign them to one or more roles.

Add an administrative user

To add a new administrative user, navigate to Your name > Users and click the blue Add User button. Enter the new user's Name, Email, and Password (minimum 8 characters), and select their Role(s).

You may also navigate to this area by clicking here.

Modify administrative users

To modify an administrative user, click the Edit button next to their name. Here, you'll be able to edit your user’s name, email, password, and assigned roles.

Delete an administrative user

To delete an administrative user, simply click the Delete button next to their name.

User Management Interface Reference


The Users listing allows you to Add Users, Edit an existing user, or Delete an existing user.