Assign accounts to territories

Do you have different salespeople responsible for different accounts and need a way to assign them? Territory assignment can assist with accounting, calculating commissions, etc.

To achieve this in Liftoff, navigate to Tools at the very bottom of the left-hand menu (under "All Accounts"), then click Field Values.


You'll note multiple values you can configure here. For now, click the Edit button to the right of Account Territory.


Begin by typing in the name of your territory or salesperson, and clicking the Add Value button. Make sure to click the Save & Update button once you've added them in.


Why can't I edit these once they're created?

You may notice that the territories/salespeople cannot be edited. You may rearrange them, but you cannot re-name them. If you need to change one of the values, simply click the delete button to the right and add in a new one. This value will have to be reassigned to the account if it has been removed.


Click and drag to rearrange these values.

Once your territories/salespeople have been defined, it's time to assign them to your accounts. Navigate to Account Listing on the left hand navigation and click the Manage button to the right of the account you want to assign. Select your appropriate territory/salesperson from the drop-down list and save.