To sign up for an account, visit After you have established an account, log in and navigate to your security settings. Click the API Login ID and Transaction Key link to view the information required for using this in Liftoff.

Field Option

Is Required?


API Login


This is supplied and generated by

Transaction Key


This is supplied and generated by

Sandbox Testing


If you wish to be able to submit test orders without processing a payment, you'll need to sign up for a Sandbox testing account. You can do that by navigating to This will generate a different API Login and Transaction Key to use just for testing.

Credit Card


You must specify which credit cards your payment account supports. Any cards you select here will be displayed on your website.

Transaction Type


Liftoff supports two different types of transactions. You can opt to authorize the credit card when an order is submitted and then capture the funds separately when the order ships or you can opt to authorize and capture funds when the order is submitted.


Authorize vs. Authorize & Capture

Some states require that funds be captured for non-custom products only after they ship. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with your local and state laws regarding payment and fulfillment.