Batch jobs

Batch jobs

Batch jobs/Bulk uploads allow you to import multiple types of data at once time. All batch jobs start with your data in an Excel spreadsheet. The columns and rows are determined by the type of batch job you're creating.


Batch job training

Because you're affecting large sets of data at one time, the Liftoff team requires that you participate in a short training exercise before importing batch jobs. Once training has been completed, the ability to use batch jobs will become available to you.


Important: Batch job order

All of the data on your site is tied together in one way or another. Certain sets of data rely on others, and must be present before uploading additional data. It is sometimes necessary to follow a specific order of uploads in order to correctly batch import your data.

Additional information: Important: Batch job order

Create batch jobs

An Excel spreadsheet template for each job is available to help ensure correct column headers and data types. The correct template for the type of batch job you're creating may be downloaded by selecting the job type you wish to import and clicking the "Download import template" link.


After selecting the type of batch job you wish you work on, the link to download the template will appear.


Backing up your data

It is good practice that prior to updating any information via a batch job that you first export the data from the Data Export option.

Aside from the formatting of each Excel spreadsheet, all batch imports are uploaded via the same method. Simply click the Create Batch Job button, choose the desired job type, enter the Job Name, the Job Description, attach your spreadsheet, supply an email address at which you would like to receive a notification regarding job completion, and click the Submit Job button.

Once your job has been submitted, you may view its progress within the Job Status section of My LIftoff.