Chase requires each merchant to go through a qualification process before our integration can be enabled. This process generally takes 48-72 hours to complete and is dependent on the testing requirements provided by Chase. To get the process started, please reach out to your Chase Account Representative with the below information and request access to our integration. They will reach out to us directly with the information needed to fully enable the integration.

Software Name: Liftoff / Chase Integration
Software Version: 1.0
Merchant ID: See below.

How to Locate Your Merchant Number

Your merchant number (Merchant ID) is located across the top of the Virtual Terminal screen above any transaction information.

Your merchant number is also located on the front of your merchant statement, which is always available in our online reporting application, Resource Online.


Authorize vs Authorize & Capture

Some states require that funds be captured for non-custom products only after they ship. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with your local and state laws regarding payment and fulfillment