Content blocks

A content block is a unit of HTML markup which can be placed on a page in any of the content areas defined by the page's layout. A content area may only contain a single content block.


The Content Listing can be reached by following the My LIftoff menu to Website -> Content ( )

Create a new content block

To add a new content block, click the Add Content button. You will be prompted to enter a Name for the content block, and will have the opportunity to enter your HTML markup in the Content field. There are basic WYSIWYG formatting options along the top of the text box to assist you in defining how you want your text or information displayed. For those with HTML experience, it is possible to view and edit the HTML source page and enter "raw" code by clicking the Source button at the top of the text box.

Edit an existing content block

Locate the content block you wish to modify and click the Edit button. You will be taken to the Edit Content view and presented with a tabbed interface containing three sets of fields.

The Content Block tab provides the opportunity to modify any of the content block information. Its setup is the same as when you first created your content block.

The Scheduling tab is where you can define when this content block is visible. This is entirely optional.

The Revisions tab is where you can find all previous revisions of this content block and quickly revert to one, if you need to. In order to revert to an earlier revision, click the Activate button. You may also delete any previous revisions you have no interest in keeping by clicking the Delete button.


The Content Block Revisions interface


Need to quickly revert changes to a content block?

The Revisions tab of the Edit Content view allows you to quickly revert to a prior set of changes by clicking the Activate button.

Delete an existing content block

Locate the content block you wish to modify and click the Delete button.

Place a content block on a page

For more on this, refer to the article on editing pages.