Custom order fields

Custom Order Fields can be used when you need any additional information from your customer about their order. These fields appear during checkout. There are no limits to how many custom order fields you may have. You may mark any field as optional for your customer; if you mark a field required, the customer will have to provide a response before checkout can be completed. In case a field is to be used for only a limited time or scope, you can mark each one as Active (or not!) to add or remove it from your site's checkout screens.

To add, change, or remove a custom order field, navigate to Ecommerce > Custom Fields.


The PO Number field appears on every site, but you don't have to use it.

The PO Number field

By default, the PO Number field appears on every site, flagged as deactivated. It corresponds to the "PO Number" field in an Order Summary. You may change the display name and help text of this field, you may make it required (or not), you may activate or deactivate it, but you cannot delete it.

This field also appears in the Details area of every order and pending order.

If an admin user has the Edit Orders permission (or Edit Pending Orders, for pending orders), the PO Number field will be displayed as an editable field.

Add a custom order field

To add a custom order field to your site, select the type of field you need from the dropdown and click the Add Field button.

The configuration area you encounter at this step will be different, depending on which type of field you selected. As always, required information will be marked with a blue asterisk, and all other information is optional.


The screen for creating a new "checkbox" field

Once created, any custom field marked as "Active" will appear to your customers in the "Additional Information" section on the final screen ("Finalize Order") of the checkout process.


What that field might look like once created, in the context of the checkout page

Deactivating and deleting a field

If you've created a field but you don't need it to appear on your checkout page any longer, you have two options: deactivate it or delete it.


If you'd like to preserve the field for future use, then deactivation is the way to go. Click the blue Edit button next to the field you want to deactivate, un-tick "Activate this field," and click Save Changes at the bottom.


If you're sure you won't need a particular field again, you can delete it. Click the red Delete button next to the field in question, and confirm that this is the action you wish to take. Custom field deletion is a permanent action.