Custom product fields

Custom product fields

You can define custom fields that may apply to all products, or a specific product. You can elect to display these to the customer on the product landing page or keep them internal. These are text only fields.

Uses for custom product fields can include options which do not affect SKU, including additional information for vendors, providing specialized product specs and more.


Create a custom product field

To add a new custom field, enter a Field Name, followed by optional Help Text. You may also specify whether to display this field to customers. Click the Save button when done.

You can remove a custom field at any time by clicking the Delete button.


Example of how custom product fields are displayed to customers on product landing pages.

Managing product-specific custom fields

You can create custom fields that only apply to certain products. If you have assigned Product Classifications to your products, you will have the option to manage custom product fields that apply only to a selected product classification.


You may then create custom fields that only apply to products that are assigned to that classification.


Then, when editing any product that is assigned to a classification, you can assign values to the custom product fields for that classification. In addition, you can also assign values to any custom product field that is available to all products.