Customer defaults

Liftoff helps you streamline customer management by enabling you to configure certain settings, abilities, and restrictions to apply to every new customer at the time of registration, whether you create their account or they do.


Overriding defaults

Note that every default setting listed in this article can be overridden for any given customer. For all settings but one, this is achieved by modifying their customer settings in My Liftoff. The process is different for tax exemption, and is detailed below.

Tax exemption

There are many reasons why you may want to set all customers on your site as tax-exempt; for example, perhaps you and all your vendors are located in a US state that levies no sales tax (e.g. New Hampshire, Oregon). This setting allows you to tell Liftoff not to calculate any tax for orders on your site.


Tax exempt status override

It is possible to control tax-exempt status customer-by-customer instead of with a default setting applying to everyone. This is achieved by modifying your selection in the Settings tab in the taxes area in My Liftoff. Note that if you select anything other than the first option in that tax settings area, you won't see the Tax Exemption box pictured above available to you in the Customer Defaults area. If the third tax setting is selected ("Allow my customers to specify whether they are tax exempt"), then control is handled in the customer-facing site.


Tax questions?

You are responsible for properly designating your company's sales tax obligations. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions. Launchpad cannot offer advice concerning your business's sales tax obligations, and is not responsible for improper or incorrect use of tax settings in Liftoff.

Override other defaults

For every other default setting below, you may override the setting (i.e. enable if the default is disabled, or vice-versa) for an individual customer by navigating to Customers/Contacts > Customers/Contacts, clicking the Edit button next to the customer's name, and clicking the Settings tab.

Open account

This setting allows all newly-registered customers to pay for purchases against an account established with you outside of Liftoff (i.e. via purchase order). Be careful here! Just as the help text warning says on the tickbox itself, enabling this setting will allow all new customers to submit orders and bypass immediate payment.


Budgets, gift cards, and discounts

If you've configured budget or gift card codes or discount codes on your site, this makes it so that all new registrants can use a code if they have one.

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Address management

These settings allow you greater control over billing and shipping settings, if you need that. Remember, as the help text mentions, if you leave these settings disabled (i.e. if you do not let customers manage addresses), you'll need to provide one or more addresses that they can select at checkout.

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