Data Export

Data Export


The Data Exports interface is accessible by navigating to Tools -> Data Exports, or by visiting .

Most data on your website is available to export. Select which data you need to export from the drop-down box. All data is exported in an .xls (Excel) spreadsheet. A brief description of the data available to export is located below.

Product Data

The product data export includes information relevant to your products and variants, such as SKU, weight, unit of measure, etc.

Budget/Gift Card

The budget/gift card data export includes a list of all budget/gift card codes, balance, categories, products and/or users they apply to, etc.

Customer Data

The customer data export contains all information on your customers including when they last visited the site. Please note that passwords are encrypted and not displayed in this data or elsewhere on the site. You can reset the password if needed, but no human can see the password once it has been entered into the Liftoff platform. Additionally, you can flag a group of customers as requiring a forced password reset, if you need to.

Category/Product Mappings

The category/product mappings data export contains a list of what products are assigned to what category (or subcategory).


The categories data export contains information related to your categories such as the name, description, images and roles associated with it.

Customer Roles

The roles data export is simply a list of all user roles.

Nexus Addresses

The Nexus addresses data export is a list of all physical addresses for your location including retail stores, offices, warehouses, distribution centers, etc.

Default Addresses

The default addresses data export is a list of all addresses you have entered into the system for your users to select from for billing and/or shipping.

Product Images

The product images data export is a list of all SKUs and their associated image file name. Please note that only the filename is listed. The actual path for product images is

Product Pricing

The product pricing data export is a list of all products and SKUs with pricing information.

Product Setup Fees

The product setup fees data export is a list of all SKUs with associated setup fees.

Product Vendor Mapping

The product vendor mapping data export is a list of which products are fulfilled by which Vendor as well as shipping instructions, where it ships to and whether the vendor is used for rating and/or inventory for that specific product.