Default addresses

Default addresses

Default Addresses allow you to define one or more addresses for an account. For example, if you wish to provide a set list of address locations for your customers to choose from, this is the area you will provide that information.

Where and how to use default addresses

Default addresses are displayed to users during the checkout process. Without any pre-defined list of default addresses, your customer will see an option to either select from previously used addresses or manually type in their address. This applies to both shipping and billing. If you have defined a list of default addresses, your user will be able to see them by clicking the drop-down box for their address book and selecting the relevant address. This allows the convenience of not having to manually type in an address or to look up another location's address,. This applies to both shipping and billing addresses.


Who can see default addresses?

All registered users and guests (if enabled) have access to these default addresses. To set default addresses available only to specific users, please see Modifying customers

Add a default address

Default addresses can be added one of two ways. You can either navigate to "Default Addresses" under the Customer / Contacts section of the navigation area or you can upload them in bulk. To upload in bulk, please see the section onDefault Addresses under batch uploads. Otherwise, click the Add Address button.

Field option

Is required?


Address Type


You must select if this is a shipping or a billing address. If this address acts as both, you must add it twice, with either option selected.



This is the name of the location.



This is for a specific person or department.



By default, it is set to the United States. If you have elected to support additional countries, they will be available in the drop-down list.



This is the physical address. Please note that by entering a zip code, the city & state will auto-populate.



This is the number associated with the location.

Once you have entered all relevant information, click the Save & Create button. It is beneficial to your customers to provide as much data as possible. Any default addresses can be modified by clicking the Edit button, or it may be deleted by clicking the Delete button.