Domains and SSL management subdomains

By default, the domain for your newly created Liftoff site is a subdomain of, based on the name chosen during site creation. For example, if you named your site "Product Emporium" during site creation, your site would automatically be assigned to the subdomain (where "productemporium" is the subdomain).

Custom domains

Liftoff provides the opportunity to add a custom domain to your site. For many customers, this is the preferred course of action, as opposed to a subdomain. To use a custom domain that you own (registered to you via a domain name registrar), three steps are required:

1. Configure DNS settings

Configure your domain's DNS settings to point your domain to the Liftoff servers. You or your IT staff will need to create a DNS record via your domain registrar's available tools. Links to documentation for some of the most popular registrars are listed below:

2. Create a new DNS record

Second, you must add the record for your domain (or subdomain) by logging into your account with your domain’s host and go to the DNS settings for your domain. Point the domain (or subdomain) to Save your changes.


A note on DNS change propagation times

After making the changes above, it may take up to 72 hours to take effect. While it is more typical that changes take well under 24 hours, it may take longer for your changes to spread across the Internet, especially if your customers are geographically distant.

3. Add your domain to Liftoff


Domain settings for your site may be reached from within My Liftoff by visiting Website > Domains.

The final step is to add your domain to your Liftoff site. To do this, navigate in My Liftoff to Website > Domains. Simply type in the new HTTP domain and click the Add HTTP Domain button.

HTTPS / SSL features and settings

By default, Liftoff serves all content via a secure connection (SSL/TLS). However, this can only occur when users visit your site via the subdomain assigned to your site, unless an SSL certificate is purchased for the custom domain of your choosing.

SSL certificates are obtained from a third-party vendor and typically require an annual renewal fee. Two different types of SSL certificates are available:

  • Standard SSL - These certificates are valid for exactly one domain, and do not cover subdomains of your custom domain.
  • Wildcard Certificates - If you wish to serve secure content on subdomains of your custom domain (e.g.,, a wildcard certificate will be necessary, and frequently offers better value.

We are happy to acquire and install SSL certificates for you. If you require an SSL certificate, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.


Choosing not to purchase an SSL certificate

SSL has benefits beyond data security, including an impact on your site's SEO and search rankings. Google in particular has stated that lack of a secure connection will affect search rankings.

In addition, if you do not purchase an SSL certificate for your custom domain, your customers may encounter a "Not Secure" warning in their browser when visiting your site; also, certain pages on your site, such as login and the checkout workflow, will redirect traffic to the subdomain version of your site's URL in order to ensure privacy and data security.


Selecting an SSL certificate / vendor

Not all types of SSL certificate, either standard or wildcard, are compatible with all platforms, including Liftoff. These are a category of products, rather than a one-size-fits-all offering. Our Account Managers can help guide you through selecting the correct certificate type if you have any questions or concerns.

Launchpad does not claim responsibility and will not be held liable for any losses stemming from the purchase of an incorrect certificate type for the chosen application without prior consultation / confirmation.

Domain / Subdomain name restrictions

Certain subdomains have been reserved for internal use and are not available to customers. If the site name or domain you'd like is not available, but no sites with this name exist, it's probably because the domain you want is reserved. Additionally, the Liftoff terms and conditions delineate rules for content and domain names which are considered inappropriate, and you won't be able to select any of those, either.

An excerpt of these rules may be found below. For the exact current version of these rules at any given time, please visit .



In order to protect its customers, partners, and employees, Launchpad reserves the right to review domain names and website content at any time for acceptable use. The following describes violations of acceptable use under this policy:

  • Domain names, subdomains, or content using abusive or profane language;
  • Content, imagery, or wording which is deemed discriminatory against or malicious toward individual people or organizations based upon their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, expressed gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, citizenship, familial status, disability status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected class recognized by Federal or State law or by Launchpad in its sole discretion;
  • Display of content, images, or language which seeks to harm or harass, or which can be construed as threatening to harm or harass, any individual person, group of people, or organizations;
  • Display of content, images, or language depicting or describing illicit or prescription drugs or related paraphernalia, or promotion of the use thereof;
  • Display of content, images, or language depicting, describing, or promoting lewd, sexual, or criminal content or activities;
  • Display of content, images, or language seeking to harm or interfere with, or which can be construed as threatening to harm or interfere with, the business practices of Launchpad or its partners; or
  • Display of content, images, or language of any kind which Launchpad, at its sole discretion and for any reason, deems inappropriate.

Upon establishment by Client of a domain, subdomain, or content of any kind within or upon any Launchpad platform, Client affirms their immediate and perpetual acceptance of all legal and financial responsibility for damages which may occur as a result of Client use of such domain, subdomain, or content. Launchpad, its employees, managers, directors, owners and partners are thereby indemnified against any liability resulting from improper use as described herein, violation of these Terms, or commercial operation by Client in violation of any law or rule in any jurisdiction in which Launchpad or Client conducts or has conducted business.