Draft orders / estimates

Liftoff's back-end ordering system

Within My Liftoff, you'll find tools for creating an order draft, converting the draft to an estimate for your customer, and finalizing the draft order by taking it through checkout to submission. We call this process "back-end ordering" (i.e. using the admin back-end to prepare/place orders, rather than the customer site), and it works in much the same way as a typical customer order on your account site.

The back-end ordering process

The use cases for back-end ordering are many and varied, from placing an order on behalf of a customer to preparing an order cost estimate and much more. To begin the process, navigate within My Liftoff to Orders > Draft Orders / Estimates.

Create a draft


Select (or create) a customer

To start working on a draft order, you'll select the customer you want to work on behalf of. You have the option to select a customer already in the system or create a new customer.


To order for an existing customer, simply begin searching for the person's name or email address, as pictured above, then Continue.

To order for a new customer, select "New customer." This will reveal a customer creation form, prompting you to enter the very same information you'd use for the same purpose in the Customers/Contacts area -- including any custom customer fields you've defined.


Finished for now?

If you only need a "placeholder" draft, ready to flesh out in the future, you can stop here! Just click "Done Editing Order" without any further action, and the empty draft will be saved for later.

Select products

Now it's time to shop! Just as when you selected your customer, you'll select each product you want to order by searching for its name, product code, or SKU in the Add Product box and clicking Select Product.


For each product you select in this initial step, you'll come to a product landing page very similar to the one you'd find on the customer-facing site. Select the quantity you need and any available variants or customizations, then add the product to your cart.


Adding the product to the cart will return you to the initial draft order area, where you'll see a new line item for the product you just added as well as line items for any products you've previously added to the order.

Save for later or enter information

When the draft is finished, you'll have several options as to how you can proceed. If you'd like to leave the draft as is and come back to edit or continue it later, you can.

Before saving or moving forward, you also have the option to input customer shipping and billing information by clicking the "Edit Shipping/Billing" button. Be aware, however, that some changes you might make to the draft order may cause you to have to re-enter shipping and billing information.

Convert draft to estimate


If you need to send the details of this draft order to your customer in the form of an estimate or save the draft in estimate format to send at a later time, simply click the "Convert to Estimate..." button. To save without immediately sending to your customer, leave the email field blank. Once converted, this order will show in the main listing of your draft orders as "Estimate" rather than "Draft."

Convert draft to saved order / cart

You can convert a draft into a saved order (called a "saved cart" on the customer site). This procedure and the details around it are covered elsewhere.

Continue to checkout

When ready, you can click on "Continue to Shipping/Billing" to take the order through the checkout process. The procedure is essentially identical to the one on the customer site; the main difference in this case is that, at any point during the checkout process, you can save your progress and return to the draft order later or convert the draft into an estimate (complete with whatever information you enter during checkout steps).


The final checkout step of a back-end order