Liftoff natively uses the standard retail "published" shipping rates when quoting prices for UPS and the US Postal Service (USPS) and allows for shipping configuration for those two carriers.


...what if your company has negotiated lower rates with one or more carriers?
...what if you prefer to use FedEx as your shipper?

Now you can leverage one or both of these, using your own EasyPost account!

Obtain an EasyPost account

In order to use your own negotiated carrier rates, or to use FedEx as a shipping option, you'll need to integrate Liftoff with a service called EasyPost. If you don't already have an account, head over to EasyPost and sign up.

The configuration of your carrier accounts within EasyPost is beyond the scope of this article, but it's very easy, and they provide good instructions.

Integrate with the EasyPost API

Integrating Liftoff with EasyPost is a two-step process. You'll need to retrieve your EasyPost API Key, and you need to enter that Key into Liftoff. Simple!

Obtain your API Key

Once logged in to EasyPost, click on your email address under the logo, and select API Keys.


You'll be taken to a page that actually displays two API Keys: a "production" one and a "test" one. For the purposes of your site, you'll want the production key.

Click the eye icon to reveal the key itself, then click the copy icon next to that to copy the key to your clipboard. If you're ready for the integration to be switched on (and you almost certainly are), leave the "Status" slider activated (i.e. switched to the right, as is the default).


Clicking the eye will reveal the hidden Key

Enter your API Key into Liftoff

Now that your Key is copied to your computer's clipboard, head back over to Liftoff and navigate to Shop Settings > Shipping and click the Settings tab. You'll see an area for EasyPost API Key; simply paste the Key into that field, click Save Changes, and you're done!


Make sure you keep your Key secret, too!

Configure your shipment methods

All that remains now is to head back to the Methods tab and select all the methods you'd like to offer your customers on your site. If you've set up everything correctly within EasyPost and copied the proper production API Key, your list of methods will now include everything available within Liftoff and EasyPost, and they'll calculate according to your own carrier account!


Select any of the methods you need!

For more information on adding, removing, and configuring shipping methods in general, refer to the main article on shipping.