Field values

This section provides you the ability to define certain fields available in drop-down boxes for your account management purposes. You can set Credit Statuses, Location Types, Note Types, Contact Types, and Territories. For ease of use, some lists are pre-populated using general terminology, but you can remove these or create your own.

To get to this area, navigate to All Accounts > Tools > Field Values or click here.

To add or delete any options, click the Edit button next to the field you'd like to change.

To add a new value, type it in the text box and click the Add Value button.

If you wish to remove a value, simply click the Delete button.

You can also choose the order in which the fields display in your drop-down box by dragging and dropping the values. Don’t forget to save your changes!


You can customize certain values for your account using this interface.


Field Values can be add, deleted, and re-arranged