Important: Batch job order

Batch job order

If you are using batch jobs at the very beginning of setting up your site, it is important to create certain data prior to importing others because some data relies on other, pre-existing data. Some pre-existing data is not available via batch upload and should be completed prior. That data is as follows:

  • Custom Product Fields
  • Custom Customer Fields
  • Vendors

Once this pre-existing data has been entered, the remaining data that is available for batch-uploading should be processed in the following order:

  1. Customer Roles
  2. Categories
  3. Product Data
  4. Product Vendor Mapping
  5. Product Pricing
  6. Product Setup Fees (if required)
  7. Product Images (if required)
  8. Category Product Mapping
  9. Customer Data
  10. Budgets/Gift Cards (if required)

Additional batch upload options are available and can be imported any time.