Importing and exporting records


The Record Types and Records table may be reached by navigating to Website > Records

Export records

To export the records for a selected record type, navigate to the Records listing and click the "Export" button next to the set. You will be prompted to download an Excel spreadsheet containing the record data for your selected record type.

This exported spreadsheet file includes an "Actions" column. All existing records in a set will have a value of U in the "Actions" column; the intention is to make updating an existing record (hence, the U value) as quick and easy as possible.

Import records

You can import records into a set in one of two ways. Navigate to the main Records listing, and then either:

  • Click the green "Import" button for the set you'd like to change; or
  • Click the blue "List" button, then the blue "Import Records" button on the next screen.

For each changed record, make sure to specify an Action in column A of your spreadsheet before uploading it!

The resulting Import Records screen allows you to upload an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file containing the data you wish to import for the selected record set. The header row of your spreadsheet or CSV file should contain cells matching the name of each field, in the same order.


For each record you're changing in your spreadsheet (whether adding, updating, or deleting it), you'll need to specify that change in the "Action" column. Action column values are case-sensitive! For example, the system will accept A for an added record, but it will reject a.

If you're not changing a record that already appears in the downloaded (exported) spreadsheet, we suggest that you delete that row from the spreadsheet before importing it. This reduces processing time for our systems and helps eliminate any potential errors.

Finishing the import

Drag and drop your file to the available upload area (or click the Drop file here to upload button and select the file using your operating system's Open dialog). Once your file has successfully uploaded, you may click Process File to complete your upload.

Files and images

As noted in the "Import Records" view, file and image imports are not supported via this import tool. If a file or image field is required for your record set, fill that column with a placeholder value such as a dash.

After successfully importing your spreadsheet with those placeholder values, you'll need to go back and edit each record individually in order to upload your actual files and images. See Record management for instructions on how to edit a record.