Intangible products

Intangible goods


Example of a download-only (intangible) product display.

Perhaps you need to offer (free) download-only products to your site. This can be achieved via multiple methods.

The first step for static, non-variable, products is to begin by uploading your files into Liftoff's Records. Files are stored at The ideal way to store files is to create a new record with two record field types (one text type that you call "file name" and one file type). This way all individual records you upload will have the file and the filename for easy reference. For more information on records, see Records.

The second step is to create a custom product field called "Link URL". This custom product field should be marked as "Display to Customers". Then, during product creation or product modification, simply paste the URL into the custom product field. The logic is:

IF all product options have been selected

    IF the product has a linkURL custom field value

        THEN display a download link

IF the download link is displayed

    AND IF pricing is set for the product

         THEN display pricing and Add to Cart button

IF the download link is displayed

    AND IF pricing is NOT set for the product

         THEN HIDE pricing and HIDE Add to Cart button

If you do not wish to create a custom product field, the alternative methods are:

  • While in the product edit screen, navigate to the product landing page tab and create a link to the file using HTML or our WYSIWYG editor.
  • If using the WYSIWYG editor, you'll first want to highlight whatever you'd like your link to say (in this example we used "Download Only") and then click the link icon. Enter your link into the URL box and click OK.

Adding a link in product landing page text.

  • If using HTML/Source view, it would look something like this:
<a href=">Download Only</a>

For non-static or variable files using templates, you can set up the proof to be a larger quality output if necessary. Note that this may increase rendering times. No further steps are required.


What if I need to force downloads?

In addition to the Link URL, you can follow the same steps but replacing the custom product field with "Download URL". This will force a download, regardless of file type. In addition to forcing a download, using the "Download URL" will also enable logging so you can track downloads via the Download-Only Orders report.