Liftoff offers various methods for integrating with other platforms and applications. The method you select will ultimately depend on your use case. For additional assistance, please contact your account manager or email [email protected]

Outbound PO integration

Subscriber-bound POs
If you wish to send an electronic version of your purchase orders to your ERP system, we offer the following purchase order methods:

  • cXML (supports downstream cXML ASN notifications)
  • e-Quantum
  • JDF
  • NetSuite (Alpha)
  • Promo Standards (Version 1.0)

Vendor-bound POs
If you wish to send an electronic purchase order to one or more of your vendors based on product that has been ordered, you may establish integrations with each of your vendors. The following methods are available for vendor-bound integrations:

  • cXML (supports downstream cXML ASN notifications)
  • JDF
  • Promo Standards (Version 1.0)

For more information about outbound PO integration, please see our order integration section.

Inbound PO and outbound shipment status integration

Inbound PO integration
Liftoff allows other systems the ability to insert order data electronically. This is useful if you are using Liftoff as an ERP system, but would like to ingest orders that are placed in another system. Currently, Liftoff only offers this ability through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Outbound shipment status integration
Liftoff has two methods for communicating shipment status:

  • EDI shipment status (EDI 214)
  • cXML (advanced shipment notice)

The EDI shipment method may only be used in scenarios where an existing inbound order EDI connection has been established. Likewise, cXML advanced shipment notices will only work when cXML is used for either communicating orders to vendors or your internal systems.


Webhooks provide event-driven integrations and are especially useful when you need to communicate specific events to external systems or platforms. Pairing this feature with no-code integration platforms like Zapier or IFTTT provide you nearly effortless ability to take real-time action against activities occurring within Liftoff.

For more information, please see our webhooks section.


In addition to the methods listed above, Liftoff provides the ability to query and manipulate your data through our powerful OData API. OData provides the ability to manage API access through Liftoff roles and filter data based on criteria you specify.

Refer to our fully-interactive OData documentation to learn more.