Inventory management


Liftoff's Inventory overview can be accessed by navigating to Products -> Inventory from within MyLiftoff. If you have many products, it may be useful to utilize the search feature. Click the button at the top of the column you wish to search and enter in your search term.

The "On Hand" column displays the amount of physical stock for this product. If you are using the cXML method of integration with your vendor, this field will auto-populate as needed. If you are using Liftoff as the authority for inventory, you will need to mark your order as shipped before the On-Hand column will update (if you are not using auto-fulfill shipments).

The "Available" column displays the amount of stock that you have available to sell prior to any pending orders that have not yet been shipped. Once a product has been marked as shipped, the on-hand column with automatically update to reflect the decrease.

If you need to adjust the par level of one or multiple products, you can update this here. Remember that you can also update the par level directly from your product page, but when you do this the on-hand will reset to whatever number you've entered. It is recommended that if you need to make a change just to the par level, you complete this in the Inventory section.

Inventory management screenInventory management screen

Inventory management screen