A layout is a special block of markup which is used to describe the general structure of a site, including the headers, footers, and navigation. It contains content areas as well as links to stylesheets and necessary scripts.

Since layouts provide the basic structure for how your page looks and feels, this is where you can customize most of that. It is important to note that editing your site’s layout is an advanced feature and could break portions of your site.

Edit a layout

Begin by navigating to Website > Layouts.

To edit a layout, click the Edit button, make any desired changes to the HTML and save your work. To revert your changes to the layout's default state, simply click the "*Revert to Default** button.


Be careful!

While you can always revert a layout to the state it was in when your site was created, Liftoff does not currently offer a more granular set of revisions when editing a layout.

We highly recommend that you copy all of the markup from your layout and save it to a plain text file on your computer before making additional changes if you're editing a layout that already contains custom work.


Creating a Custom Layout

If Liftoff's variety of layouts, themes, and color options aren't exactly what you need for your project, we may be able to offer customizations at an hourly rate to meet your needs.

Please contact an Account Manager with any questions you may have regarding details, or to request an estimate.