In an effort to enhance your understanding of this documentation, we present here a glossary of terms that you may encounter throughout.

Liftoff vs Launchpad

"Launchpad" (formally, Launchpad Intelligent Software, LLC) is the name of our company. Our marquee product is Liftoff.

Industry-standard terms

  • Ecommerce
    Buying and selling goods and services online; also, the platform that enables such transactions (like Liftoff!).

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
    Software used for business management. Netsuite and Sage X3 are popular examples.

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    Software used to manage your sales and account pipeline. Salesforce and HubSpot are popular examples.

  • CMS – Content Management System
    Software used to build and manage a multi-purpose website containing static and dynamic content. Drupal and WordPress are popular examples.

  • OMS – Order Management System
    Software used to manage high-volume sales. Cin7 and ShipStation are popular examples.

  • Front End or User-Facing
    The component of a web platform that the end-user is meant to use. In Liftoff, this is the main account site (like where your customers shop and place their orders.

  • Back End or Admin-Facing
    The component of a web platform that the company staff use to configure and manage content on the front end. In Liftoff, this is My Liftoff (

  • API – Application Programming Interface
    A set of tools that a software developer can use to integrate someone else's software with their own. Liftoff has an API of its own, ready for you to use!

  • PCI Certified – Payment Card Industry
    A standard for ensuring that payment and personally-identifiable information is kept strictly secure. You can read more about this here.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    Tools and methods for helping people find you and your website when they perform an online search.

  • PURL – Personalized URLs
    Special, uniquely-generated URLs used for direct-mail/direct-contact campaigns. You know those clickable links and buttons you see in emails from companies? Those are PURLs.

Platform-specific terms

  • My Liftoff
    This is the name we use for the Liftoff back end / admin area.

  • Readiness Checklist
    A list we've come up with of the very first things you should do in My Liftoff before you're ready to sell.

  • Record
    A unique and very powerful feature in Liftoff, records allow you to store information of all kinds in an easy-to-use database form, then use that information in limitless ways on your Liftoff account.