Open account settings

Open account settings

Liftoff allows subscribers to offer "Open Account" payment to their customers. The labels for this feature may be customized by visiting Ecommerce > Payment > Open Account tab.


Ecommerce > Payment > Open Account

This view contains two fields: Open Account Display Name and Open Account Description.

Open Account Display Name will be displayed at checkout, as well as in order confirmations, order history details, and order submission notices sent to the customer. It should reflect your organization's chosen term for this type of payment method (e.g., "MyBiz Allowance," "SpaceBank," etc). The default value for this field is simply Open Account.

Open Account Description is displayed at checkout, and defaults to "Charge the balance of this order to my account." If you choose to provide an alternate description, be sure to consider how it will read. An affirmative message stating that the costs of the order will be applied to this account is recommended. Examples might include, "Deduct from MyBizAllowance," "Debit from SpaceBank," and so on.

Restore defaults

If you wish to restore the default values as pictured above, simply navigate to this tab, clear any text already present in the available fields, and click the Save Change button. It isn't necessary to reset both fields; either may be restored to the default value independently of the other.


"I haven't set this option, and the fields are blank!"

If you have not previously provided an Open Account Display Name or Description, these fields will remain blank, and the default values described in this article will be used in the relevant locations on your customer-facing site and in order notification emails.