Pageflex overview

What is Pageflex?


About Pageflex

Pageflex is a variable rendering technology. The Liftoff platform uses it in many ways for fast rendering of visual and print collateral. General information about this product can be found at

Launchpad is an authorized reseller of Pageflex Studio software, and we can also provide training and support for this product. For more information, please email [email protected] or contact your account manager.

Current active version and compatibility

Current Server Version
Liftoff currently utilizes version of Pageflex Server.

Liftoff supports compatibility with templates developed in Pageflex Studio 7.0.X and higher.

What is Pageflex used for?

Pageflex enables you to offer customizable products to your customers. It is highly flexible and extensible, and is available for almost any product imaginable.


The process is easy and intuitive for your users.

Proofs are rendered in real time as the user completes each field, visible to the right of the imprint information form.

Print Ready Artwork
Pageflex is not only used for online rendering of images; it can deliver print-ready artwork that is prepared for almost any print process.

Digital and Offset
Templates can be set up with output that is ready for digital, offset, and flexo-based equipment. It is recommended that users of Pageflex Studio be familiar with pre-press concepts.

Supported output types

Pageflex can support the following types of output:

  • JPG (recommended)
  • PDF (recommended)
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • EPS
  • VPS
  • PostScript
  • PPML
  • VDX
  • VIPP


Output warning

Formats other than JPG or PDF may create difficulty in sending jobs to vendors. See your account manager if you're interested in using a format other than JPG or PDF for rendering or output.

Use templates designed by Launchpad

Launchpad has a team of PageFlex experts that can design (or modify) your templates for you if you do not have the software or the time/resources available. Pricing is not standard and is determined by the complexity of the template. Contact your account manager for an estimate. Please note the following is needed: .pdf artwork, Illustrator artwork preferred, all associated fonts, and all variable information. If you would like Launchpad to associate the template to a product, product information will be required.

Use your own templates

If you have Pageflex Studio or have outsourced your template designs from someone with Pageflex Studio, you can upload your own templates. Please note that your template must be version 7.0.X or higher. Please see XML Guidelines for Pageflex Templates, Preparing Templates for Liftoff and Uploading Pageflex Templates to Liftoff for additional information.