Pageflex Studio

What is Pageflex Studio?


About Pageflex Studio

Pageflex is a variable rendering technology. The Liftoff platform uses it in many ways for fast rendering of visual and print collateral. General information about this product can be found at

Pageflex Studio is the drawing tool suite that allows you to create and manage Pageflex templates for use on your Liftoff sites.

Launchpad is an authorized reseller of Pageflex's Studio software, and we can also provide training and support for this product. For more information, please email [email protected] or contact your account manager.

Do I need Pageflex Studio?

You only need Pageflex Studio if you plan on having your internal team develop Pageflex templates for your web stores. If your site does not include variable products, or if you plan on using Launchpad or a development partner to build your variable templates, you do not need Pageflex Studio. It is not required to manage your websites or perform any other function aside from creation of variable data templates.

Using Pageflex Studio

We have provided a PDF of the Pageflex Studio Documentation for you to review. You may download your own copy of the PDF, or review it here on this page. Training can be made available through our account management team.

How to buy Pageflex Studio

Launchpad is an authorized reseller of Pageflex Studio. Please contact our account management team for information on purchasing this software for your company.

Phone: 877-600-2019
Email: [email protected]