Gateway processors

Liftoff currently supports integration with several payment processors so you can accept credit card purchases on your site. We currently support the following:


Can you verify that my account is correct?

To help ensure your privacy and security, Launchpad cannot set up your gateway configuration, and Liftoff is unable to verify its accuracy. All information you provide is encrypted for storage accessible only by the application. No one, including Launchpad staff, has access to this data.

Transaction types


There are two transaction types available to you in Liftoff, and you must select one or the other when configuring your payment gateway. When deciding which option you prefer, please heed the help text in this area of My Liftoff, as pictured above; you may also find it beneficial to consult an expert in your local business and ecommerce laws.

Authorization only

This transaction type, often abbreviated "auth only," directs Liftoff not to charge the customer or capture any funds at the time they place an order (i.e. at the moment of checkout completion). Depending on your business needs and legal requirements, you may return to the order page for a given order at any time and process the authorized payment when necessary or appropriate.

Authorization and capture

Often referred to as "auth & capture," this transaction type not only authorizes the payment method entered by the customer, but it captures payment funds at the instant checkout is completed, prior to shipment. If permitted by law or your business workflow, this method saves your account administrators at least one extra step, since they don't have to go back and capture funds at a later date.


Authorizations aren't forever

Depending on the policies of the gateway processor you choose, "auth only" transactions only remain valid for between 7 and 30 days after initial authorization. You'll want to check your gateway's policy and ensure that you capture funds within their permitted time frame.