Orders pending approval

If you have configured an order approval rule, you or an admin will need to manually approve each order covered by the rule. In Liftoff, these are referred to as pending orders. You can view your pending orders by navigating to Orders -> Orders Pending Approval. Once there, you can modify, approve, or decline a pending order.

To modify an order, click the Details button.

To approve an order, simply click the Approve button. In most cases, this will finalize the order and move it into the submitted orders area; if you have any other approval rules in place, the approved order may be subject to those before becoming finalized.

If the order does not meet your requirements and needs to be declined, simply click the Decline button.

When an order is approved or declined, a notification will automatically be sent to the email address of record for the customer who placed the order.


Pending orders and auto-fulfillment

Normally, orders are flagged as auto-fulfilled as soon as they are in process. However, pending orders are auto-fulfilled as soon as they have been fully approved (i.e. moved into the Submitted orders area).