Product image settings

Product image settings

You can choose between two different display types for the product images your customers will see. If you would like your customer to be able to click on the image to view a full-size version, check that box. If you would like your customer to be able to hover over the image to view a more zoomed-in version, check that box. These two options can be combined to include both effects.

These settings affect the images on your product landing pages. They do not apply to categories or other website images.


The options for product image settings are located under Products -> Product Images ( within My Liftoff.

Automatic product image scaling

In addition to choosing how you want customers to interact with product images, you can also elect to use our product image scaling.

This provides a solution for perfectly scaling product images without needing to pre-scale them before upload. This solution eliminates the stair-step effect you may see when loading images that aren't of the same ratio for your products.

Using this feature gives you the option to set a default background color or to set a blur effect when images do not match ratio.


An example of an image before and after using a blur effect.


Older Browser Versions

Please note that Liftoff's themes and features are not supported in any version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft now recommends that users migrate away from Internet Explorer in favor of "evergreen" browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) which keep themselves up to date with the current version automatically.