Product images

Product images

This is an optional batch upload for uploading all product and/or variant images. All images must be web-ready formats and in a .zip file. The .zip file cannot contain any other files and/or folders. Products must exist prior to creation.

The bulk upload tool for images allows you to upload a single zip archive of images up to 1 GB in size. This grants you a very specific advantage over uploading single images at a time. The following images are acceptable for use by the image uploading tool:

  • JPEG / JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF

Prepare and upload your files

Follow the steps below to ensure you've properly prepared your files ahead of uploading to the Liftoff platform

  • Place all of your images into a single folder. Liftoff will NOT scan sub folders for content. Anything not in the root folder will be ignored.
  • Convert the folder into a zip archive:
    • In Windows: Right click on the folder and choose "Send To" then choose "Compressed (zipped) folder".
    • On Mac: Control + click (or right click) the folder and choose "Compress "

If the steps above have been performed properly, you should have a zip folder, that, when opened, contains all images at the root. If you find that you have to navigate to a folder after opening the zip folder, you will need to move those files up one level so that they appear at the root.

Upload your images

Follow the steps below to upload your zip archive of images:

  • Navigate to and select the account you wish to add these images to.
  • Under the "Tools" menu, click "Batch Jobs". If this option isn't available, please contact your account manager for assistance.
  • Select the job type called "Images". Complete this form and place your zip archive onto the box provided on screen. Please note that large zip archives can take a while to upload depending on your internet speeds.
  • Once the file shows confirmed as accepted, enter in your email address and click "Save".

The job may take some time to process. During the upload, each file is passed through a filter and is cleared from the image cache to ensure that your users are able to see the newest possible version of the image. A file that is 1 GB in size may take 10-30 minutes to process depending on file size and number images in the archive.