What are records?

Records are a key feature in LIftoff, and are a powerful way to store and display any collection of content: news items, blog entries, store locations, document repositories, and much more. It's easiest to think of records as operating as a specialized database designed to hold exactly the information you need to store or display within your Liftoff site.

Record terminology

  • Record Type - A record type is defined as a group of fields and their corresponding settings.
  • Record Field - Record fields are individual input fields belonging to a record type. There are multiple types of record fields, each of which will be explained later.
  • Record Set - A record set is a group of individual records, all following the structure of a single record type.
  • Record - An individual record contains one or more values for each record field included in its parent record type, and belongs to a record set.

Default record sets

Each Liftoff site includes a number of default record sets which cannot be deleted. These default record sets are used to set up site navigation, homepage content, and more.

Default record sets include the following (listed alphabetically), though more may be added to all Liftoff sites at a later date:

  • Callouts
  • Footer Navigation
  • Hero Units
  • Main Navigation
  • Sidebar Items
  • Slides

What’s Next

Working with records is an approachable, but detailed process. The following articles are suggested next steps for learning to utilize records to power data-driven content within your Liftoff site.