Reset a password

Reset an internal user or administrative password

From time to time, you or your users will need to reset a password. Liftoff provides several options for handling this action, with both user-facing and administrator-facing options.

Note that there is a difference between a My Liftoff user and a My Liftoff subscriber, but that their passwords may be reset in the same manner, and from the same location as indicated below.


Why can't I see the existing password?

For security reasons, no passwords are ever displayed to users aside from when they are initially entered. No internal users can recover or tell you what a user's password.

Reset an administrative user password

To reset an administrative user's password from within My Liftoff, navigate to the top right of the Liftoff screen, click on your name followed by Users. From within the list of administrative users, click the Edit button the right of the user. Enter the new password followed by the Save button.


Reset an administrative user's password from within My Liftoff.

Reset an administrative user password independently

If you or your administrative user(s) are unable to log in to My Liftoff because of a lost or forgotten password, you can click on the "I need to reset my password" link on the My LIftoff login screen ( . You will be prompted for an email address, and an email containing a reset link will be sent to the address provided.



Note on password resets sent via email

Password reset links received via email after using the independent "I need to reset my password" feature of My Liftoff have a limited timeframe of use for purposes of enhanced security. If you don't receive your reset link within 30 minutes, there may be an issue with your ability to receive emails from the LIftoff platform, and you should contact and account manager for additional support.

Additional Note: The email address to which you send a password reset link must be the same as the email address attached to the account for which you are attempting to reset the password. Sending a reset link to any other email address will not result in a successful password reset.

Customers/Contacts password resets

Reset a customer/contact user password

To reset a customer/contact user password with My Liftoff, navigate to Customers/Contacts --> Customers/Contacts and click the Edit button to the right of the user's name. On the main "Customer" tab of the edit user settings, enter the new password followed by the Save button.

Reset customer/contact user password independently

The user can modify on their own by clicking the “I need to reset my password” link on their login prompt. This will send an email to the user’s email address and provide them the opportunity to change their own password.


Force a password reset

If needed, you may force one or more users to reset their password next time they attempt to log in to your account site. You can do this manually (one user at a time), or you can flag a group of users all at once by leveraging the Batch jobs tools.


If you tick the "Require Password Reset" box for a given customer, it will automatically un-tick itself when that customer resets their password.

To do this manually, navigate to Customers/Contacts > Customers/Contacts and tick the box, as shown above. You can do this for as many customers as you need to.

To flag a group of users for a forced reset all at once, change the value in the ForcePasswordReset column on a customer data batch job spreadsheet to 1 for each user you'd like to force the change on.