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Liftoff Terms & Conditions

The excerpt which follows is taken from the Liftoff Terms & Conditions, section 25, as of Tuesday, 25 June 2019 12:00am. For the current, binding version at any given time, please refer to this page.

In order to protect its customers, partners, and employees, Launchpad reserves the right to review domain names and website content at any time for acceptable use. The following describes violations of acceptable use under this policy:

  • Domain names, subdomains, or content using abusive or profane language;
  • Content, imagery, or wording which is deemed discriminatory against or malicious toward individual people or organizations based upon their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, expressed gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, citizenship, familial status, disability status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected class recognized by Federal or State law or by Launchpad in its sole discretion;
  • Display of content, images, or language which seeks to harm or harass, or which can be construed as threatening to harm or harass, any individual person, group of people, or organizations;
  • Display of content, images, or language depicting or describing illicit or prescription drugs or related paraphernalia, or promotion of the use thereof;
  • Display of content, images, or language depicting, describing, or promoting lewd, sexual, or criminal content or activities;
  • Display of content, images, or language seeking to harm or interfere with, or which can be construed as threatening to harm or interfere with, the business practices of Launchpad or its partners; or
  • Display of content, images, or language of any kind which Launchpad, at its sole discretion and for any reason, deems inappropriate.

Upon establishment by Client of a domain, subdomain, or content of any kind within or upon any Launchpad platform, Client affirms their immediate and perpetual acceptance of all legal and financial responsibility for damages which may occur as a result of Client use of such domain, subdomain, or content. Launchpad, its employees, managers, directors, owners and partners are thereby indemnified against any liability resulting from improper use as described herein, violation of these Terms, or commercial operation by Client in violation of any law or rule in any jurisdiction in which Launchpad or Client conducts or has conducted business.