ShipStation is a fantastic web-based shipping logistics platform that seamlessly connects to your Liftoff platform. With an integration in place, you can take advantage of the following comprehensive features:

  • Automate the delivery of order information into your ShipStation system, directly targeting a specific customer
  • When orders ship from ShipStation, Liftoff will be automatically notified of the carrier, ship date, and tracking information that is relevant to that order

Connecting is extremely easy. This tutorial explains how in just eight easy-to-follow steps.

Connecting your store to ShipStation

  1. While logged in to your ShipStation account, click the "wrench" icon in the top right corner of your screen
  1. Under "Import Orders", click "Selling Channels"

  2. Under "Store Setup", click "Connect a Store or Marketplace"

  3. When the "Add your Store or Marketplace" modal appears, scroll down and select "Custom Store". The icon will look something like this:

  1. In the "URL to Custom XML Page" box, enter It will always be this value, regardless of your store.

  2. In the "Username" box, put the code for your Liftoff site. If your site's base URL is, MIAS would be your code. If you're unsure, go to All Accounts and locate the CODE column within your account listing. This will ensure you're referencing the proper code value.

  3. For the “Password” box, use the API Key assigned to any user that has administrative access to this site. The API key can be found by editing Liftoff subscriber users. If you do not see an API key for the given user, simply click “Create an API Key” and click save.


Please note that if you ever change the API key in Liftoff, you must update any apps consuming it or it will break your active connections.

Below is an example of a completed “Connect your custom store” screen:


Ready to connect!

  1. When ready, click “Test Connection”. If you receive a success message, there’s nothing more to do other than save your connection settings. ShipStation and Liftoff will begin working together after this step.

If you've followed these steps and are still unsuccessful, please reach out to our account management team for further instruction.