Social media links


Liftoff allows you to add links to any social media platform you use, and you can configure how each link appears on your account site.

Every account, by default, contains a built-in record set with all the configuration options you need to tie the account's social media presence to its Liftoff site. All you have to do is add the records, one per social media platform.

Add a social media link

Begin by navigating to Website > Records in My Liftoff. There, at or near the bottom of the list of record sets, you'll find a set called "Default - Social Media Links."

For this example, we'll add a link to Facebook. To do that, click the green Add button for the record set, and fill out the form.

URL and link text


The URL can be a link to wherever you prefer to direct your customers. You can enter a link to your social media site's homepage, a specific image or posting, or anything else you like.


Text or icon?

The Link text field is optional; however, if you don't enter any link text, be sure to select an icon. If you leave both blank, the record will save, but nothing will show up on your site!

Note that you can configure both, if you prefer.

Icon / image

If you'd like to have an icon appear as the link on your account site, you have two options:

  1. Select from the list of Single-color icon options already available in Liftoff
  2. Upload any image you prefer

When you upload your own image, Liftoff will place it in a square-shaped area; this means that, if your original image dimensions aren't square, there may be some distortion of the image that appears on your account site.

If, after selecting an image, you'd prefer that it not appear as part of a social media link, you may enable the Hide image/icon checkbox. This overrides the image with whatever appears in the Link text field above.


In this example, a standard version of the Facebook icon was selected.

Accessible text

Liftoff strives to be fully ADA-compliant via the WCAG 2.0/2.1 AA standard. An example of this compliance is the Accessible text description field on this social media link form. By entering alternative text here, you enable customers using adaptive technologies to see and make use of the link you're configuring. You may enter any text you like in this field.


Look and feel

Finally, you can customize the appearance and relative placement of your social media link text and/or icon.


Feel free to play with these settings to find your perfect look!

Line break and centering

The Show text on own line and center option toggles between displaying link text and icon on the same line, and forcing the text beneath the icon. Note that this option has no effect unless you've configured both link text and an icon.

Custom color

You can change the color of the link text by entering a hexadecimal or RGB value here. If you've selected a single-color icon from the dropdown, its color will change to whatever you enter here, too. If you upload your own icon image, it will be unaffected by any custom color entry.

Double-sized icon

Make your icon really stand out! Note that, as indicated by the help text, selecting this option may not do anything if the site's theme doesn't support it, and it has no effect on uploaded images.


Link placement

Your social media link text and icon will almost always appear in your site footer. Precisely where and how they appear is ultimately up to which theme you've chosen.

You do have the option to make social media links appear in a location of your choosing by changing the home page layout of your site; however, this is advanced functionality that risks breaking your site, so please consider this carefully before attempting this sort of change.