Subscription & private labeling

Subscriber settings

To access this area, navigate to Admin Menu > Subscriber Settings.

The Subscriber Settings area consists of two tabs. The Subscriber tab allows you to modify your Company Name, Address, and Phone number. The Subscription tab allows you to view your current plan and to view your subscription charges for a given time period.


Upgrade / downgrade procedure

To switch pricing plans, please contact an account manager for assistance.

Site / account removal

Please note that accounts cannot be permanently deleted. Account sites can be disabled or hidden, but even those must remain intact on our servers in order to preserve a record of orders placed.

Private labeling

If you are an Enterprise subscriber, we may be able to provide you with "private label" account sites (i.e. sites displaying only the name and logo of the account company, with the names and info of your company and Liftoff removed). This feature is offered under specific circumstances, is by subscriber request only, and will require a customized estimate from your account manager. Please contact us for details.