Troubleshooting issues and FAQ


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Frequently asked questions

We've compiled a list of the most highly asked questions and are supplying a few basic answers to those questions in this document. if you're stuck and need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach our account management team at [email protected] or 877-600-2019



Do I need to know Pageflex or is this a service your team can provide?

You do not need to know Pageflex if you plan on having our team develop and install your templates for you. Fees apply when our team is involved in the design, creation and set up of your templates.

Do you supply training for Pageflex?

Yes! Additional information about those services can be found here.

Can I view errors in a dashboard relative to my templates?

At the moment we do not extend this ability to our users. if you're having difficulties, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Can I use Pageflex Studio ID (InDesign Plugin) with Liftoff?

No. Studio ID is no longer support by Pageflex.


Please see the list before for common questions with issues related to variable templates.


Cause / Resolution

I get a "Shoppit Dropped It" error when I try to configure an item I recently uploaded.

There are several issues that may be taking place. Unfortunately, you'll have to perform basic trial and error steps to resolve.

1.) The Pageflex XML file is missing
2.) The Pageflex XML file is malformed. You can test for valid XML by loading your XML file into Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.
3.) A control you're requesting in the variable file may be misspelled or improperly implemented.
4.) A data reference may be misspelled or not present in the database.

When attempting a proof I get a red box that says "Proof could not be generated"

This error indicates a possible issue with your template. Some of the root causes may be:

1.) Fonts used in the template are not valid or missing from the Fonts folder.
2.) A rule or variable was required for the proof, but was not supplied.
3.) An image asset was requested in the template, but not available to the template for consumption.
4.) An output job was not specified for the template project. Refer to this article for review.