Uploading Pageflex templates to Liftoff


Order of operations...

This article assumes that you've completed all previous steps in creating a template, an XML descriptor file and are now ready to upload a template to Liftoff

You're almost there!

Now that you have a template in place and an XML descriptor file, here's what you need to do next:

1.) Ensure your have ALL files, fonts and collateral in your project folder. Refer to this article regarding proper organization of your project
2.) Archive your project file into a .zip folder
3.) Double check the size of your folder. Liftoff accepts files under 20 MB in size.

Uploading your file

Please follow the steps below to ensure proper installation of your project into Liftoff:

1.) Point your browser to https://my.liftoff.shop and login with your credentials
2.) Select the site you wish to administer.
3.) Navigate to Products->Product Templates. If you do NOT have this feature, your site may not be on a web to print enabled plan. Please contact your account manager for assistance.


Example Pageflex template management screen.

4.) Click Import Pageflex Template.
5.) On the resulting page click the file upload box to select a file.
6.) Select the .zip file you created in the steps above.
7.) Click OK. The importer will now process your file.
8.) If everything is OK, your screen will look similar to the image below. Click "Save and Create" to finalize.


If you've received an error message, that message will detail what went wrong. In most cases it was a missing file or font it detected during the pre-flight process.

If necessary, you can replace the existing template using the Replace button or modify settings using the Edit feature.

Associating your template with a product

Now that you have a template registered on the system, you can associate it to a product variant.

1.) While in the Liftoff dashboard, navigate to the product you wish to associate with this template.
2.) Under the Specs tab, locate the Product Template drop down box.


3.) Select the template you wish to use with this product variant. If you're working with multiple variants, you can assign different templates to each variant, if desired.

Testing your template

There's no better way to find out if your creation works than to test it on your site. Assuming that you have published your product and have assigned it to a category, you can preview your template by proofing it on your website.