Use custom JavaScript

What is JavaScript

JavaScript is a loosely-typed, interpreted scripting language developed by Mozilla, first released in 1997. JavaScript support in browsers began with Netscape Navigator in 1998. Since then, JavaScript has become one of the "building blocks of the web." It's the magic behind the interactivity and logic on nearly every site you visit today.

Where do I include my custom script?

It is possible to add custom script to your site to accomplish a variety of goals, such as manipulating the way browsers display your content, adding new features like 3rd-party customer service chat widgets, and more. Script can be added directly to a site’s layout files, or it may be included in a content block and added to a specific page.

When adding script to your site, unless you are directed to do otherwise, it is always recommended to place it near the end of the layout, just above the tag, when the script is intended to operate on all pages of a site.

When a script is meant to operate only on a specific page, create a new content block containing your tag and place it on the page in the Directly before *</body>* tag content area. If the page already contains a content block in this position, it is recommended to edit the existing content block, and place your script after any existing content in the block.

The jQuery utility library is included on all pages of a Liftoff site for your convenience, except for those utilizing the RAW/XML layout type.

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Prior knowledge required

Knowledge of JavaScript and / or the jQuery utility library are required.


Custom script can break your site!

Errors in custom script can block all default script on your site from working, effectively bringing shopping and ordering to a halt. Please proceed with caution. Launchpad cannot warranty any third party scripts or user-added script, and engaging our support and development teams to track down and correct issues resulting from such script will incur an hourly charge. Please contact your account manager with any questions or concerns.


Where can I learn HTML / CSS / JavaScript, or other web technologies?

Launchpad does not offer training in these subjects. However, they are the building blocks of the web, and there are countless resources available for learning about them and their applications. Our team members may be able to offer recommendations of learning materials that we have found useful as we've developed our own professional skillsets over our combined 100+ years of experience.