User Roles

User roles

The purpose of user roles

User/Customer Roles control access to products and categories, restricted budgets and discounts, order approvals and more. An example of an application for User Role is the assignation of territories. Perhaps a user is a part of the Northeast Region and doesn't need to see products that are related to the Southwest Region for your business. By creating and the role "Northeast Region" and assigning it to your user, you can control what specific products and/or categories of products are visible to them. This is useful for the purchaser to reduce the amount of fluff they must click through, to avoid ordered-in-error returns and to limit what you want to be visible to them.


A list of customer roles


Why can't some users see certain products?

Customer Roles are inclusive and not exclusive. For example, assigning a category or product to a role will reduce visibility to anyone without that role. It will only be viewable to the customer(s) that are assigned that role. Customers as well as Users can be assigned multiple roles.

It is important to note that guest users do not belong to any of your custom roles, and will not be able to see any categories or products with an assigned role.

Customer roles may be deleted at any time, regardless of whether a customer, product or category is assigned under it.

Create and assign roles to users

To add a new customer role, navigate to Customers/Contact --> Roles. From there, you will simply type in the name of the desired role and click the green + Add button. Once the role has been created, it is time to assign it. You can do these two different ways. You can either do this by clicking on the Edit button and click on the "Members" tab or you can click directly on the blue link for "Members" to navigate directly to the tab. You will then type in the name of the user and click the blue + Add button. Additionally, while on the User's profile (found by clicking the Edit button to the right of the user's name under Customers / Contacts in the navigation), you can navigate to the Roles tab and check the box for the roles that are relevant to them followed by clicking the Save Changes button.


An example of assigning roles via the Edit Customer --> Roles tab.

Restrict users by role

You can restrict users access to specific products by clicking on the "Products" tab within "edit" or by clicking directly on the blue link for "Products". You can restrict user access to Categories in three ways. You can either click on the "Categories" tab within "edit" or click directly on the blue link for "Categories". Additionally, there is an "Access" tab under the Edit options for Categories under the Products section of the Navigation menu.


Example of adding specific products to a customer role Customers/Contacts --> Roles --> Edit --> Products tab


Example of assigning a customer role via the category settings
Products --> Categories --> Edit --> Access tab